Conference Talk

POR // Your Design Journey: The Influence of Your Past

Feb 01, 2024

Discover how your unique background as a designer can be your secret weapon to unleash creativity. Lili’s talk will show you how to reflect on your experiences, embrace your history, and make it your design BFF, all while wearing your proud designer hat. This is more than a talk; it’s an invitation to an interactive exploration of how your past can shape the most incredible designs of your future. So, come one, come all, and let’s create design magic together!

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Lilibeth Bustos

Founder, Lead Product Designer & Illustrator - CEO, SoulDoodles

Lili is an accomplished Lead Product Designer, boasting an impressive career spanning over a decade in the industry. Her professional expertise lies in the realm of fostering collaborative teamwork across various disciplines to drive innovation within the Supply Chain sector, all while harnessing cutting-edge technology. With her extensive background, she excels in crafting seamless end-to-end user experiences for both mobile and desktop platforms. Beyond her illustrious career, Lili channels her passion for education by sharing her knowledge as an instructor in UX-UI at Memorisely. She is also the visionary founder of SoulDoodles, a vibrant community designed to inspire adults to explore the world of art. Moreover, Lili extends her creative influence through her role as the host of the engaging SoulDoodles Podcast, where she continues to empower and motivate through the power of storytelling.