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Designing with AI: Building the flagship GPT-4 language product

Sep 29, 2023

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Design Lead | Principal Product Manager, Duolingo Max

Megan Bednarczyk is a product designer, and avid marathon runner living in Brooklyn, New York. She led the design of Duolingo’s newest AI-powered subscription tier, Duolingo Max, from concept to launch—and continues to lead the Max team in transforming language education with generative AI. Before Duolingo, she was the second designer at Geneva, a group chat start-up. There, she built up the product design practice by driving feature design, co-leading a company rebrand, and building a design system. She’s also worked on projects with clients ranging from HBO Max and Audible to JP Morgan and Amex. Edwin has been a Product Manager at Duolingo for 5 years, and is the product lead for Duolingo's newest subscription: Duolingo Max. He and the team partnered closely with OpenAI as an early launch partner for their newest and most powerful model, GPT-4. Edwin has always been interested in the intersection between education and technology, and has been at Duolingo to serve the mission of the product: to develop the best education in the world and make it universally available.