Naive Experts

Working in the realm of sustainability can be complex. There’s so much we have to learn, so many topics from science, industry and society to understand in order to work with them. Yet, many of the people we design for are interested, but still little knowledgeable about sustainability. In this short talk, Livia and Heike will touch upon learning from their colleagues and how sometimes staying naive is their secret superpower.

Heike Otten & Livia Rotenberg

Senior Product Designers, Zalando

Heike (She/her) is a senior product designer in Zalando’s digital experience sustainability team, where she’s keen to foster collaboration between diverse stakeholders. With an education in Interaction Design, Business and Creative Sustainability, she finds joy in nerding out about toolkits and design approaches, but usually ends up going freestyle. Prior to Zalando, Heike worked in Data Visualisation, Cartography and Digital Health. Outside her work, she can mostly be found on a bike somewhere in nature. Livia (she/her) is a brazilian senior product designer now based in Berlin working at Zalando, where she designs a joyful and engaging sustainability experience for Zalando customers. Her background is a mix of art direction, visual design and sustainability strategies for fashion. She likes bringing people together, croissants and dogs.