Conference Talk

Design @ Netflix: Designing for 250M people & counting

Nov 15, 2023

Mariam will share a peak of the captivating world of designing for Netflix. In this talk, she’ll delve deep into the tests and experiences that played a pivotal role in propelling Netflix to an impressive 200M+ subscribers today. From dissecting growth design interfaces to showcasing how designer’s can impact the broader organization, you’ll gain firsthand knowledge and tactical steps to have similar influence at your company.

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Mariam Braimah

Design lead, Netflix’s growth and TV team

Mariam is a design lead on Netflix’s growth and TV teams. In her nearly 7 year tenure she’s spearheaded features like the Mobile Only plan, Top 10 and Strong Black Lead, helping the company grow from 80M users to 200M+. Outside of her day job, Mariam co-founded Kimoyo Insights, a user testing platform helping global product teams get feedback from consumers across Africa. To date, Kimoyo has helped companies like Microsoft, Flutterwave, & Chipper Cash validate product offerings and customer segments to take their products to the next level. Previously she headed a cross functional research and design team at public data tech startup, Inflection, and studied History of Art & Architecture at Harvard University.