Conference Talk

“Play” creates new value for well-being

Jun 03, 2023

Can “Play” provide a new form of well-being? Play is an essential tool during the early days of human development. It contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional, well-being while offering an ideal opportunity to engage with outside world. Despite the benefits, are humans getting enough Play through the change of their lifestyle today? Is Play getting limited only to the younger generation? Can inclusive design broaden the perspective of Play? By introducing Play in new ways, can we drive new values for common wellness of society? Come join us to discuss through two projects that fuses technology and media that approach well-being from a new angle. Play can be designed for a well-being that are welcoming and inclusive for all.

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Ramanath Bhat & Ippei Tambata

Director of R&D Design | Design Producer, Sony

Ramanath Bhat (aka Ram) is a Director of R&D Design at Sony Interactive Entertainment. He is part of the Global Design Center at PlayStation.Originally from India, Ram has lived most of his professional life in San Francisco and currently resides in Tokyo. He specializes in innovation design, partnerships, investments along with deep product & business co-creation expertise. He was part of many of new strategic initiatives within Sony including streaming gaming, Mobile , PC and early days of Sony Innovation Fund creation. He believes in equality for all and a world free of war, poverty and hunger.Favorite Quote : “ Reality leaves a lot to the Imagination “ – John Lennon.Ippei Tambata is a Design Producer at Sony Group Corporation, Creative Center. He was born and raised in Tokyo and studied industrial design at an art university before joining Sony. Ippei has also worked at Sony Ericsson and Sony Interactive Entertainment in Tokyo and San Francisco, specializing in UX/UI design and global team management. He is a part of a team that leads advanced design projects for technology development and new business launches in Creative Center.Standup paddleboarding, patching an analog synthesizer, and cuddling his fluffy dog keeps him relaxed.