Conference Talk

ENG // Pluriversal Futures

Jan 31, 2024

There is the Zapatist saying that goes “un mundo donde quepan muchos mundos” (Spanish for “a world that fits many worlds”): how can we create our digital, virtual, and real-world where all worlds, all peoples, and all beings fit in? It all starts with (the decolonization of) our worldviews, our values and beliefs.

Coral Michelin

Science and Tech Product Manager, Re.Green

Strategic designer, graduated in Environmental Management (UESA), Master in Strategic Design (Unisinos), and PhD in Design (UAM). Strategist, educator, and facilitator. Researcher with a focus on ecology, regeneration, systemic thinking, diversity (DE&I), futures, and decoloniality. She is a visiting professor at IED-SP and ESPM-SP, and is currently the Research & Development Product and Project Manager at, a company that restores tropical forests for people and the planet. Co-founder of Radar ASG, an initiative that helps organizations advance in their socio-environmental goals. Former Director of Community Mobilization for Innovation at (011).lab, the innovation laboratory of the São Paulo City Government, and coordinator of the Bachelor's Degree in Product and Service Design at IED-SP. Ecology activist, poet, and feminist.