Conference Talk

POR // Diseñando soluciones de clase mundial para desafíos locales

Jan 31, 2024

El panorama financiero de América Latina, vibrante y diverso, plantea desafíos únicos para los bancos tradicionales. Sin embargo, Nubank surgió como una solución digital, con productos financieros innovadores esculpidos por equipos multidisciplinarios dinámicos. Esta sesión revela los secretos detrás de la magia del diseño de Nubank y revela las estrategias que traducen las soluciones fintech globales en productos amados localmente.

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Priscila Williams & Carlos Candiani

Sr. Design Manager & Design Manager, Nubank

Priscila Williams has 10+ years of experience as a Designer in the Financial Industry, during this time she has had the opportunity to develop several digital financial products and features. She has led different design teams in traditional banks such as BBVA and Citibanamex, and currently, she leads the Growth Design team at Nu Mexico where she focuses on improving all acquisition & onboarding experiences. During her time at Nu, she has worked with Fraud, Collections, Credit Card, Lending, and Cuenta. Carlos Candiani is a Design Manager with a background in Content Design and a diverse career spanning 16 years around digital communication. At Nu Mexico, he led the design team that successfully launched Cuenta Nu in the Mexican market and currently leads the Nu Core design team. In his prior role at BBVA, he was a Senior UX Writer for the global app and a co-founder of the UX Writers Mexico Community. His experience includes roles as a content strategist in public institutions, proofreader, advertising, and project leader in marketing agencies. Beyond his design expertise, Carlos is a published author, a recognized finalist in the Amparo Dávila National Short Story Award, and a teacher.