Redesigning designed barriers

Jaakko Tammela

Independent Senior Design Executive, CX Design Advisor, Piwi®

He is a globally awarded design executive who assists companies in connecting with their audience through customer-centric growth strategies. For over two decades, he has collaborated with Fortune 500 companies, reshaping their cultures, products, and services to enhance the lives of millions. Boasting over 50 awards in the domain, he is often invited as a juror/curator for prominent events like Cannes Lions. He was recognized as one of the top 30 UX designers to watch, and one of his notable projects was featured on a commemorative stamp by the Brazilian Post Office in collaboration with the Campana brothers. With a Bachelor's in Industrial Design and an MBA in Marketing and Creative Leadership from the Berlin School, he played pivotal roles at various esteemed institutions. He headed Fjord, Accenture's Design and Innovation team in Brazil, established the Experience Design division at Whirlpool Latam (a model that was later adopted globally), led the Experience Design at Accenture Interactive Colombia, and more recently developed the CX Design sector at Dasa, Latin America's largest health network. Beyond his corporate contributions, he has imparted knowledge as a university professor for over seven years, teaching both post-graduate and undergraduate courses in Brazil and internationally. Currently, he is a valued member of an exclusive group of mentors at the Unreasonable Group (NYC), guiding companies with significant social impact during their growth phase. Furthermore, he advises leading companies on customer-centricity and Design, with names like Natura, Sennheiser (Germany), and Embraer in his portfolio, and most recently, he is engaged with Piwi in the healthcare sector.