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How design helped me become a better communicator

Saori is currently working as part of a development team based in Japan, which is comprised mostly of international members. She will be talking about the development process of DMM Eikaiwa and how she communicates with her colleagues as a designer.Also, she will be sharing her experience on how she utilizes her design skills to overcome the language barriers at work as a non-fluent English speaker.

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Saori Mitsuhata


Saori is a designer at DMM Eikaiwa which provides online English lessons. Currently, she focuses on crafting a video call application that is used during the lesson. She aims to provide a seamless and comfortable lesson experience for both the user and also the tutor. Not only work as a designer, but she has been learning English from scratch like a user through their product. The user side perspective helps understand the product deeper and makes easier to find a problem.

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