Conference Talk

**Real Fictional Products**

Sep 19, 2020

As ‘fake’ or artificially generated news and people and products fade in our digital feeds daily, as scam products are getting better and better, riding the wave of conspiracy theories, the distinction of what real and what is not is becoming harder and harder for many. At the same time as far away future scenarios of social unrest and climate change are escaping fiction and coming into our reality, what is present and what is future is becoming also quite hard to discern. In some way, what we considered before a quite clear and binary distinction is becoming less and less so. The lines between real and fake, present, and future are getting more and more blurred. In this talk, Simone will talk about his experience in designing in this blurred space, where products are sometimes real and sometimes fictional.

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Simone Rebaudengo

Product Designer,

Simone designs experimental versions of the future. He explores the implications of living and interacting with networked, smart, and autonomous things. His work focuses on exploring the implications of living and interacting with networked, smart and autonomous systems. His works are both commercial and artistic, and many of his works and prototypes have been exhibited all around the world.