Conference Talk


Jun 01, 2022

While it is undoubtedly true that open source can be developer-oriented, the notion that designers cannot contribute to open source is a myth. Design goes beyond the outlook of a product or software; it also considers usability, experience, and workability. Open-source developers tend to focus on the technical aspects of their products rather than on the experience and look of their products. Software user experience is an overlooked aspect within the open-source sector. Those who contribute to OSS as designers are limited in using some OSS tools, such as git and GitHub.The importance of design in OSS cannot be overstated. And in this session, I will describe how design is a critical component of open source and how providing design documentation is also a means of contributing to Open-source.

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Victory Brown

Founder, Dezignhers

Victory Brown has worked in the Technology space for over three years and is an expert in user experience research. Among the open-source projects, she has been involved with are the Linux Foundation's public health initiative, the open-source design community, CHAOSSBadging, and RestQA. Victory Brown is the founder of Dezignhers, which provides support, training, and mentoring to women in the design community. She is a diversity, inclusion, and equity strategist on the IEEE SA Open community DEI sub-group committee. She is involved with open-source diversity initiatives and the SustainOSS. Among her open-source contributions are international conferences and open-source event organizations. These events include All things open, FOSDEM, GUADEC, Linux Summit, and DrupalCon. She is also on the DrupalCon Prague 22 advisory board.