Conference Talk

Standing up for the unmeasurable in a data-driven design process

Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. How do you stand up for inclusive design and core design values that aren’t necessarily quantifiable in organizations where the only thing that counts is what can be measured? In this talk, Tobias walks through his own personal journey of wrestling with the pros and cons of data-driven organizations, and how you can stand up for what’s important to you, even if it’s unmeasurable.

Tobias Ahlin

Principle Design Engineer, GitHub

Tobias is currently working as a Design Engineer at GitHub. Before joining GitHub, Tobias worked as Experience Design Director for Minecraft, Product Designer for Spotify, Industry Leader for Hyper Island and as a Jury Member for the Swedish Design Awards. He is consistent in his passion for teaching about digital transformations and how to build innovative and creative cultures.