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Thinking Outside the Bank: Traditional and Emerging Bank Culture in a Modern Context

Traditional Japanese banking culture has 150 years of history, but the current wave of digital transformation has forced the industry to change its services and approach.While many banks attempt to differentiate from competitors with new products and services, Fukuoka Financial Group decided to build a brand new digital bank service from scratch, exclusively for digital natives, called Minna Bank. Many individuals with different backgrounds joined to Minna Bank project to generate ideas and build a new banking system that has never been attempted by a financial institution before.However, as process and approach varies from person to person, and the agreement and alignment within teams is very critical, the development faced a number of enlightening challenges.Takatoshi Nakamura will share how Minna Bank is working to merge traditional and emerging bank service culture in a modern context, in consideration of design, functionality, target users, team management and more.

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Takatoshi Nakamura

Head of Design, MINNA BANK

Takatoshi Nakamura is the head of design at Minna Bank, the first Japanese digital bank, located in Fukuoka, Japan. He leads the design team to reshape traditional banking into all-in-app experience with modern financial technology and a unique brand identity.