Telling the right data-story (workshop)

Data-stories, infographics or charts are seen as an answer to tell difficult stories, but it’s still hard to understand a complicated story. Without the right attention and data-literacy these visual attributes can be taken out of its context, accidentally or on purpose. The impact our visualizations have on users is something we’re responsible for and isn’t something to take lightly.In this hands-on workshop, Luuk will share what you need to consider while visualizing data, show bad & good examples and we’re gonna discuss & practice together about how we can influence these data-stories.

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Luuk van der Meer

Product Design Lead, Adyen

Luuk is the Product Design Lead for the Data Solution at Adyen, an Amsterdam-based fin-tech platform. Within the data solution he and his team is trying to improve the (data-driven) decisions merchants need to make by visualizing and telling data-stories about billions of transactions and many other data points. His background is in data-analyses in the music industry where he became interested and enthusiastic about visualizing data, creating insights and telling good data-stories.