Conference Talk

The Future of Workshops

Jun 30, 2020

Workshops have long been a powerful tool for design thinking and cross-functional collaboration. Most of us are used to running these in-person, with physical sticky notes and whiteboards at hand. We haven’t given a second thought to running workshops remotely, on digital platforms — until now. Enter the pandemic. Remote working has become the new norm. We’ve suddenly had to find new, digital ways, to connect, communicate, and collaborate with each other. Many of us are stuck in endless, back-to-back Zoom meetings that could have been more fun, efficient, and effective in a remote workshop format. In this talk, Kea will share her best tips on how to run great remote workshops, based on her own successes (and failures!). She’ll provide you with actionable advice on do’s and dont’s, what tools to use, and give concrete examples of workshop activities that you can run.

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Kea Zhang

Head of Product & UX, Teston

Kea Zhang is a Head of Product/UX at UserTesting (formerly Teston), where she leads her UX team, manages product priorities, and puts out fires on a daily basis. Her background in UX, HCI, and Psychology, as well as her work in agencies, startups, and the corporate world, have helped her see just how critical user-centered methods are for product teams to succeed. That’s why she’s currently pouring her passion into creating great user-centered processes and building better tools to help everyone make more user-friendly products.