The forces and insights that shape our products

Have you stopped to observe the critical moments for decision-making? Some are user-related; others are based on the characteristics of the company or the team; and the last ones come in the context of the industry. Claudia Sosa has identified 7 forces that fit in those three categories. She will explore those 7 forces through the development of the SofiaPop product.

Claudia Gizela Sosa Ascencio

Senior Product Manager, Sofia

Claudia Sosa is Product Manager at Sofía, a new health insurance company changing the ways millions of people take care of their health. With more than 10 years of leading teams and strategic projects, Claudia's career has taken her from designing refrigerators, to innovating in financial and insurance services. Claudia was Head of CX Design and Director of Strategy and Service Design at BBVA Mexico before joining Sofía. She has an industrial design degree from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and a specialty in "Product-System-Service Design" from Politecnico di Milano.