Conference Talk

The little-known secret to becoming the best in the world

As designers, we all have a sincere desire to craft experiences that resonate with our customers. However, often, the choices we make can unintentionally exclude those who need our products the most. So what’s the solution? In this talk, Benjamin Evans uses human-centered stories and reveals an action-focused framework that you can use to transform “responsibility” to “opportunity”, unlocking professional growth, design innovation, and customer joy.

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Benjamin Evans

Head of Product Inclusion, PayPal

Benjamin Evans leads a new generation of problem solvers who use Design to address oppression, exclusion, and bias. He works with learners, builders, thinkers, and doers to ensure everyone, especially historically underrepresented, has equitable access to products and services. At PayPal, he leads a Product Inclusion – an innovative cross-functional team focused on enabling Designers to deliver equitable experiences for global audiences