Conference Talk

The Power of Unity: Bridging the Gap Between Cross-Functional Teams

Much has already been said about Design Systems and how these libraries of reusable components will help Design & Development Teams maintain consistency and increase efficiency while creating high-quality experiences. So why are only some companies creating one? Why does it seem so complicated to build, distribute and adopt when they have decided to? Is this promise a myth? Our work from years of practice tells us that it is not a myth, and the reason has little to do with having a UI Kit. Still, everything has to do with how we open ourselves to collaboration, alignment, and making decisions together to design the processes that will allow that UI Kit to exist. This talk will provide critical lessons on how DesignOps can help cross-functional teams collaborate more effectively and transform how products are built.

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Angel Lorenzo

Associate Design Director, frog

Angel Lorenzo is a user-centered designer, currently an Associate Design Director at frog. During the last 10 years, he’s been working at the intersection of strategy, design, and development, specializing in crafting UX Strategy, building Design Systems, and implementing DesignOps. He has worked alongside many talented people with whom he has impacted several organizations in various industries, such as telco, financial services, travel & leisure, retail, automotive, energy, and sports. He believes selfless empathy is crucial to successful collaboration in designing delightful experiences and products that truly serve people.