Conference Talk

The rise of – synthetic – designers

Generative AI is a rapidly developing technology that is transforming the way we design. Using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, we can create media that is both unique and original in a fraction of the time. With its potential to produce new ideas quickly, this technology is transforming the way we create content, make products, and tell stories, as well as allowing designers to explore new creative avenues, resulting in the formation of a new breed of designers. “Synthetic designers” will create images, movies, and designs that past designers were unable to create, benefiting both the designer and the consumer. As AI technology improves, synthetic designers will become an increasingly important role in the world of design.

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Alejandro Matamala Ortiz

Co-founder & Head of Design, Runway

Designer, software developer, and art book publisher from Chile based in New York. Co-founder and Head of Design at Runway, an AI-powered creative suite for editing and generating media. Previously, he was a researcher at New York University, working at the intersection of artificial intelligence and creative tools. Alejandro has worked with a number of commercial and cultural organizations in the past. He cofounded Material Design Studio and Ediciones Daga, an independent art book publishing house.