Conference Talk

The Secret Ingredient to Finding Your Voice in Chaos

Nov 15, 2024

In a world where everyone is loud about their craft, story and abilities, it is easy to get lost or drowned out by all the noise. So instead of copying Mr Chris or any other thought leader in the design industry, wouldn’t you rather develop your own voice? Wouldn’t you rather be the hero of your own story? Discover the secret ingredient for finding your voice, brand positioning, speed and getting that shmoney.

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Chukwu Victoria Adaeze

Creative African Designer

The strangest thing she has ever called herself is a brand surrogate. She gives birth to healthy ideas and solutions for fast growing brands. She is a creative designer, strategist and teacher. She also manages a group of over 5000 graphic designers and hosts periodic trainings for them. She has a cumulative 7 years of experience working with both local and international brands like Star Beer, Shell, FCMB, AFLA, Joe Faraday, Revolution Plus Properties, and many others.