Conference Talk

A Playful Scandinavian Approach to Design

LEGO® play is not just for kids. In fact, many adults tell us that they enjoy building with LEGO bricks as much as kids do. For some it’s a way to unleash their creativity, and for others it’s a mindfulness activity. Whether you are a collector of toys, need to de-stress and relax or want to experience the nostalgia of your childhood, these world-wide famous bricks allow you set your creativity free and immerse yourself in the creation of beautiful builds that can take pride of place in any home.Developing products for adults and welcoming this audience through marketing required a specific strategy. In this talk, Thomas will walk you through how his team at the LEGO Agency with great attention to detail, playfully developed the visual identity, design, and concept of the campaign of the LEGO series dedicated to adults.

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Thomas Holst Sørensen

Global Head of Design, LEGO

Thomas Holst Sørensen is the Head of Global Design and Creative Director at LEGO Group. He leads the design innovation and development of LEGO brand identities for the world-famous and highly innovative toy company.