Conference Talk

Trust And Transparency for scaling Fintech to success

Nov 15, 2023

An important objective for designers in fintech is to establish a sense of security for users. This assurance is vital in convincing users that their financial data and transactions are well-protected. Trust plays a critical role in fintech applications because users entrust sensitive information to these platforms. Building trust is essential for instilling confidence and a sense of security in users, leading to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction on a large scale.

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Winifred Ekwunife

Product Designer

Winifred is a product designer, writer, illustrator and a mentor with a background in computer science. She’s currently at the fintech forefront, building the best payment experiences for high-growth businesses and merchants transaction across Africa. At Bitnob, she was a founding member of the design team, she led initiatives that connected Africans to the global economy, one of which was the launching of Lightning Network as a means of sending Bitcoin fast across the world. With over four years of experience, she has guided fintech startups & commercial banks to deliver on their product promises and surpass their financial projections by designing experiences that empower users and grow businesses. When she is not designing, you’d find her doodling, hosting conferences, writing, creating resources to contribute to design communities and mentoring young female designers.