Conference Talk

Typographic Mastery: Harnessing the Superpower of Typography

Nov 15, 2023

Typography is an often underestimated and most times, seen as an afterthought, yet it is an incredibly powerful tool in the world of graphic design. This talk explores the profound impact that typefaces, fonts, and the general arrangement of text can have on conveying messages, eliciting emotions, and shaping the overall aesthetics of visual communication. From the historical evolution of typography to its contemporary applications in branding, advertising, and web design, we’ll be delving into the intricate interplay of letters, lines, and spacing that gives typography its superpower. Discover how the right choice of fonts and typographic techniques can transform ordinary visuals into extraordinary works of art, influencing how we interpret and engage with the world around us.

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Abel Idume

Brand Design Lead at Canta Global

Abel Idume is multi-disciplinary and highly creative graphic designer, currently leading Brand Design at Canta Global. His six years in the design industry has enabled him to be different things to different people; an in-house brand designer, a contractor working with branding agencies, or a freelancer working one-on-one with founders. He combines his experience in graphic and brand design to solve problems, tell stories, and help brands discover their true identity.