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UX content and the pursuit for ice cream

We hear a lot about delightful design…you know, those little flourishes that make our designs oh so appealing. As designers it’s tempting to pepper our experiences with cutesy, witty copy to help make our brand sing. But good copy isn’t easy to do well. In fact, done badly, we create friction that at best annoys our users…and at worst affects our bottom line. So how do we find that sweet spot between bland and boring, and over-the-top cringe? Find out how the rigour of good content design elevates visuals without compromising quality, usability or accessibility. Learn how content designers make tone decisions, determine when to speak and when not to, and create content that lets your brand personality shine through without getting in the way. And discover how good content foundations make for great copy.

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Rachel McConnell

Head of UX Content, Flo Health

Rachel McConnell is a content design leader and the author of Leading Content Design, as well as Why You Need a Content Team and How to Build One. She’s spent the last decade helping teams (and individuals) improve their content maturity. Her content career has progressed from content strategy and design to operations and leadership, for companies such as Deliveroo, Clearleft, and BT. She’s currently head of UX content for Flo Health. Prior to her tech career, she spent a decade in advertising, marketing and brand management. Rachel is also the co-founder of Tempo, a community for content design leaders. She’s curated conferences for both Tempo and Clearleft, and runs multiple community events and meetups.