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Walking the walk: the ingredients for good design

What is good design? What are the real ingredients needed to design for positive change in a sustainable manner? As connected technologies enable a never-ending conversation between companies and their audiences, the impact, reach, and consequences of product design decisions are amplified and preserved way longer than any of us ever imagined. Traditional design considerations of color, form, and typography, cover only but a fraction of the problems that we as designers are asked to address. Let’s discuss what other “ingredients” are needed to move forward in our profession, but in an inclusive, progressive and sustainable direction

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Anna Arasa Gaspar & Jorge Furuya

UX Design Manager & Head of Car UX Design, Volvo Cars

Anna Arasa Gaspar is a manager for UX design at Volvo Cars. She has over 10 years of professional experience in the transportation industry designing and implementing forward-looking safety and infotainment technologies like the first-ever Android based infotainment system for Polestar and Volvo cars. She leads a talented group of designers from all around the world in the team in charge of the core infotainment system concept and implementation. Native to Barcelona, Anna has constantly looked throughout her career for ways to humanize technology and increase its reach and inclusion. She is a recognized leader and public face of the Volvo Cars organization and is actively involved in corporate initiatives to empower, develop, and recognize the work of Volvo’s creative and product teams in a fair, unbiased, and inclusive manner.Jorge Furuya is the Head of Car User Experience Design for Volvo Cars where he leads a team that defines the evolution of personal transportation, with a strong emphasis on safety, sustainability, and delight for people. He was born in Mexico City to a multicultural family of immigrants. Previously he has occupied design leadership positions at Amazon in the Alexa team and at Samsung Research America. He is happier when working on projects that transcend hardware and software and that focus on understanding people’s needs and desires. He was part of the Android design team that first crafted material design and Android Automotive and before that he designed mobile experiences for HTC and Sony Ericsson during the late 2000s. Jorge believes in integrating technology into products in a way that empowers their users and becomes invisible yet delightful.