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What design can do to create circularity in communication campaigns

In this talk, Ricardo will approach visual and digital communication in terms of social and environmental campaigns, but also around how to create engagement with new and younger audiences, as well as how circularity should be at the center of the discussion. How should universities engage? How should the government support and promote better conditions to create content around social and environmental impact? And how to engage with big brands to become more conscious without getting into greenwashing? These are some of the questions Ricardo will answer throughout his talk.

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Ricardo Lozano

Co-Director, What design can do Mexico

Mexican Graphic Designer, also studied a Master’s Degree in Design Studies. He is a founding partner of Cítrico Gráfico, a visual communication studio that stands out for its work with cultural and social projects, with 20 years of existence. In 2013 he founded, along with other prominent Mexican designers, the Abierto Mexicano de Diseño, a festival that for 8 years showcased the work of more than 3,000 designers in the main museums in Mexico City. He is currently co-director of What Design Can Do México, an international design platform based in Amsterdam with the purpose of showing the power of design to make substantial changes on the planet, that organizes a festival in Amsterdam, Mexico City, and Sao Paolo and launches every two years a sustainable design challenge. He also teaches at Ibero University in Mexico City.