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Designing for emotional resonance

Sep 28, 2023

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Head of Branding and Design, Coloplast

Lena is a Creative Brand Strategist. She is passionate about ensuring that the brand strategy supports the business strategy, to form a brand that makes sure words, visuals, sound and movement become a distinct language in an applicable system across business areas and countries. She studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Institute for Visual Communication Design, and at DMJX, Danish School of Media and Journalism. With her 23 years of experience, she helps companies utilize and release their full branding potential. She has also won a couple design prizes. Today she works at Coloplast, ensuring her company is ultimately making a difference for their end-users. She is part of a steep digital journey for Coloplast, where you can say that the physical product is king and where the design team has to work even harder to bring the digital world to life Before Coloplast, she was responsible for other brands creating digital design systems, implementing the brand into systems as such as marketing cloud (Sales Force), as well as in CMS systems and apps.