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Copenhagen Sep 27-28, 2017

Design Matters 17

At Design Matters we bring together design practitioners from around the world for two days of design talks, workshops, discussions and socializing in Copenhagen.

You will meet designers from the most exciting companies working with apps, websites and physical products. They will share their firsthand knowledge and personal stories about creating experiences that connect, engage and inspire users.

This year’s conference themes are: Conversational UI, Spreading the Product Design DNA and Embrace Failure!

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Themes for 2017

Conversational UI's

How do we design products that no longer have a visible interface? How will the designer’s role change? And what skillsets do we need to design for technologies such as Google Voice or Alexa? Designers will have to learn to design a conversation.

We will explore how to design conversational UI’s for both speech interfaces as well as chatbots. Addressing this complex topic, we’ll invite designers with hands-on experience to inspire and teach us how to design application personalities and how to create realistic and trustworthy artificial intelligence.

Conversational UI's

Spreading the Product Design DNA

A design’s DNA should show in all aspects of the product down to animations and transitions, interactive elements and tone of voice. How do we make sure that the design DNA extends to to all the different touchpoints and maintain the feel and personality of the products.

How do designers manage this task and what tools are needed? At Design Matters, design practitioners will talk about designing systems of elements rather than pages, creating useful guidelines and libraries and seeing design as an open-ended deliverable that must change dynamically with the product and content.

Spreading the Product Design DNA

Embrace Failure!

Designers love to put their work on Dribbble and hide away the less than pretty attempts created on the way to the final result. This year we want to celebrate the value of failure as a part of the design process.

Designers will tell about tackling failure, how to accept when you’re wrong and how to design your way out of the pithole. This means going from Photoshop to prototyping and coding, working with real content and data – sharing often and early and keeping it “dirty” for much longer.

Embrace Failure!

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