Conference Talk

Beyond AI Hype- How We Can Foster Trust and Inclusivity in the Digital World

Jun 03, 2023

Are AI tools badly designed? We will delve into AI design and the challenges it presents. The “black box” nature of AI systems has led to mistrust and misinformation among users, which hinders progress and undermines the potential benefits of AI. This talk will explore possible collaborative efforts to improve AI design. By shifting the global conversation from simply adopting new and flashy AI tools to addressing issues of digital trust and inclusivity, we could create a more transparent and ethical AI landscape.

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Yasuhisa Hasegawa

Design Strategist, Independent

Yasuhisa is a freelance design strategist based in Tokyo. With extensive experience working with small startups and big national corporations alike, Yasuhisa partners with clients for long-term collaborations to enhance their design process and improve their digital product experience.As an public speaker, Yasuhisa is passionate about sharing his expertise to the Japanese web/app communities. He’s also publishing insightful articles and podcasts on design.