Conference Talk

ENG // Design practice reality check – What my journey in a mission-based organization has taught me about DEI

Jan 31, 2024

Join this relaxed and informal show & tell of a (hopefully eye-opening) journey across multiple roles in a mission-based organization, as we unravel the learnings of a white-ish, cisgender male designer on the path towards embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion principles and practices in our day to day work.

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Hector Mejia

Design Manager, Laerdal

Meet Hector, a Colombian design leader with a blend of Interaction Design (MFA, Umeå Institute of Design) and Mechatronics Engineering (BA, Universidad Autónoma de Occidente), education. Currently spearheading the design discipline at Laerdal's Danish office, Hector brings over a decade of industry experience, including a 3-year stint at Laerdal's HQ in Norway. He was promoted to a managerial role in 2022, a position he has held since. A self-declared futurist, Hector focuses on fusing a multi-disciplinary, outcome-driven approach to design. His emphasis? Amplifying design's organizational impact while preserving that all-important human connection in leadership.