Conference Talk

Global Design- Prioritizing Inclusion, Accessibility, and Sustainability

Jun 03, 2023

Designing for a global audience requires digital designers to prioritize inclusion, accessibility, and sustainability. This involves creating products and services that cater to the needs of all users, regardless of their abilities or location. To achieve this, it’s crucial to embrace inclusive principles that consider users’ diverse needs and perspectives, including those from different cultures and backgrounds. The key is to create intuitive interfaces that are easy to use. This talk will explore accessibility, inclusion, and design experiences within organizational ecosystems. We’ll begin by discussing the importance of accessibility and inclusion and the negative impact that exclusion can have on individuals and organizations. We’ll also highlight the benefits of embracing inclusive design within ecosystems.

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Regine Gilbert

Industry Assistant Professor, New York University Tandon School of Engineering

Regine Gilbert is a user experience designer, educator, and author with over ten years working in technology. She is an Industry Assistant Professor at New York University and has been a consultant for large and small brands. Regine is the author of Inclusive Design for a Digital World, Designing with Accessibility in Mind, published by Apress. She believes in making the world a more inclusive and accessible place.Regine’s areas of research focus are digital accessibility, inclusive design and immersive experiences.In 2019, Regine’s first book, Inclusive Design for a Digital World: Designing with Accessibility in Mind was released through Apress publishing.