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Copenhagen Sep 26-27, 2018

Design Matters 18

Design Matters is a place for inspiring, competent, visionary, nerdy, engaging talks, workshops and discussions about the work and role of digital designers now and in the future.

For the fourth time, we bring together design practitioners from around the world for two days of design talks, workshops, discussions and socializing in Copenhagen.

Each year, we invite speakers from leading digital products from around the world, as well as startups and independent designers. They come to talk about their design practice, challenges and learnings, showing their work, their attempts, failures and successes. This year we will also introduce a series of “Nerd tracks” – exploring a range of design topics in more depth.

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Themes for 2018

Design for Change

What is the role and responsibility of the designer in a divided world where the need for change is rising? This theme explores how we as designers can create design that makes an impact on technology and society – for a better humanity and a better self. How do we as designers support the trustworthiness of news, enforce democracy, equality, sustainability, and how do we help users create a balance in their own life?

Design for Change

Immersive Worlds & Mixed Realities

Computer games, Science fiction, VR and Augmented Reality lets immerse into virtual worlds with their own rules, logic and beauty, giving us incredibly rich and satisfying experiences for both body and mind.
This theme explores how to create worlds, and design rules, challenges and game logic that creates friction, engagement and enrichment. How can we use these techniques in other products create an immersing and ‘whole’ experience?

Immersive Worlds & Mixed Realities

Be a Design Rebel!

We want to celebrate brave designers that have the courage to go against traditional usability rules, established interaction patterns and create products that demands exploration and curiosity. Designers that craft visual design that is provocative, challenging and even brutal to the eye. This themes explores how being a Design Rebel and going against the trends may lead to innovation and great design.

Be a Design Rebel!

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Design Matters 2024

Design Matters is a Copenhagen-based conference on digital design – made for designers, by designers. It is a place to gather together, share ideas, and discuss experiences. Design Matters involves a knowledgeable community of creative and curious minds who share the same drive and passion for digital design, technology, art, society, and sustainability. For its 10th anniversa...

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